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Virtual Entertainment Services

Virtual WOW Entertainment

We can do it all!

  • Insert talent into your existing meeting!
  • Create original customized song, lyrics, content for your online meeting!
  • Provide Host, Speaker or Specialty Act to your online meeting!
  • Host your online meeting Turnkey!

Now more than ever, the world is consuming unprecedented levels of media to keep us entertained while staying safe indoors. Thankfully, the technology supporting our thirst is more accessible than you'd probably think.

Book It Entertainment produces anywhere, anytime, any platform, entertainment driven, live HD web broadcasts and content around the world.

Now is the perfect time to embrace getting your Brand, Products, services viewed through engaging, interactive and entertaining 'Live hosted' web events.

Virtual Entertainer

Live vs. Precorded

Hosted live streaming events offer higher engagement. Audiences are drawn to raw, real-time interactive entertainment more than polished pre-recorded Youtube videos – Consumers are found to be watching longer and engaging more with visually exciting and well produced livestream video. What's more, with live video, audiences are given the opportunity to receive authentic and relatable access to a brand via an ‘on-air’ host personality or talent.
Virtual Entertainment

Socially Interactive:

View and broadcast approved Live social media comments and chats from sources such as Facebook, YouTube or any page you manage.

To the Source:

If You’re looking for a reliable, engaging and entertaining hosted web event broadcast, we’ve got the knowledge, Talent, team, and equipment to make it happen for your special event.

Our turnkey webcasting service provides the perfect forum for all-hands on events. Our web events feature a blend of pre-produced media, live talent and graphics mixed to create a stunning live event experience.

Sample Video 1

Deliver your content and message in a creative, entertaining way by removing the technical hassle, leaving your virtual audience with a joyful viewing experience. Our platform is designed for broad implementation and can accommodate thousands of global users, securely. If you're a Marketer, Planner or your own host, this is as simple as having a webcam and an Internet connection and we'll produce your webcast to the world like Pros.

Streaming Partner Platforms:

Our platform is ideal for presenting audio, video, or other content through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Set up a #hashtag and away you go! We can even stream to Facebook and then bring in real time live comments to your live video broadcast!

It’s an all-in-one experience for businesses and organizations looking to streamline the web broadcasting process. Intentional, artful musical web broadcasting, inspired by you.

Sample Video 2

Please contact us for a free consultation and list of our Talent Roster.

Sample Virtual Videos:

Virtual Wow Entertainment!



Mixologist Russell Fox

Send kits to your attendees and he will show you how to create great drinks!


Virtual Flair Bartender with Host

Watch Chad flip bottles, blow fire, and create amazing drinks.


Virtual Dueling Pianos

Chat in your requests!


Virtual Speed Painting

Rock Demarco, the World's Fastest Painter, will create a masterpiece. One lucky guest will keep the painting.


Magician Kostya Kimlat

Fooled Penn & Teller on their TV show
and is an amazing magician.


Virtual Band

Our bands can play Virtually for your Awards and Online Meetings!


Virtual Wine Tasting

Learn and taste wine with Melissa!